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We believe in the power of motion to foster health. Our AI-driven companions are designed to inspire your family and support your journey towards a more active lifestyle. Experience wellness redefined, where technology meets human potential.

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Meet Your Family's New Motivator: The AI Companion That Moves You

Dive into a world where technology doesn’t just connect us—it motivates us. Introducing your family’s next big leap towards health and happiness: our AI Wellness Companion.

Imagine the living room transforming into a serene yoga retreat, or your backyard turning into a lively dance floor. From soothing yoga flows for those calm mornings to energetic dance-offs that get everyone laughing, and even tailored rehabilitation exercises for recovery—our AI Companion is here to make every day a chance to move, bond, and grow healthier together.

A human in motion is a healthier being.

Prof. Eli Carmeli – University of Haifa | School of Physiotherapy PhD, PT

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Family Support: A Pillar Of Strength

Equally crucial is the role of family in a patient’s rehabilitation journey. The presence of a supportive family can provide emotional comfort, reduce stress, and improve the patient’s psychological state. This, in turn, can lead to better adherence to exercise programs and a more positive outcome.


Families Heal Together

Empower families to become integral participants in the rehabilitation journey, actively contributing to the healing process and fostering a supportive environment for recovery.

Empower Recovery

Foster deeper understanding and support within families, enabling targeted encouragement and effective assistance for loved ones facing health challenges.

herapist Connectivity

Easily connect with your therapist to share activity reports, fostering collaboration and personalized care for optimal progress.

Privacy First

We prioritize your privacy by abstaining from camera usage to record your activities.


Research Supports Family's role in rehabiliation

In the realm of recovery and rehabilitation, the consensus among world-leading experts underscores the transformative role families play.

Having the support and involvement of one’s family during rehabilitation after a serious traumatic brain injury can improve one’s chances of having a good outcome.

    Allison M. Foster
    Allison M. Foster

    ABI Rehabilitation New Zealand

    Research highlights the crucial role of family functioning and intervention in predicting and improving rehabilitation outcomes.

      Angelle M. Sander
      Angelle M. Sander

      Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX, USA

      Family-oriented inpatient rehabilitation is a promising approach to improve the mental health of children with a chronically ill sibling.

        Tanja Besier
        Tanja Besier

        University Hospital for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry/Psychotherapy, Ulm, Germany

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